Gambas 1.9.33

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Gambas 1.9.33

Beitrag von Merlin » Sa 8. Jul 2006, 08:34

Neues Gambas 1.9.33 ist verfügbar !!

1.9.33 - 01 Jul 2006
Configuration & Installation

* The symbolic links in /usr/bin are not needed anymore. Now the gambas installation path is encoded in the executable at compilation time, unless a symbolic link /usr/bin/gbx2 exists. Otherwise, the only requirement is that gbr2 must be in the PATH.

Development Environment

* BUG: Move some code from Form constructors to Form_Open event handlers, as no event can be raised during instanciation.
* BUG: Some fixes in the automatic completion.
* BUG: Some fixes in the help explorer window.
* BUG: Making an executable outside of the project directory now works correctly.


* BUG: The error management does not leak stack anymore. So functions doing a lot of TRY do not crash the interpreter anymore.
* NEW: File.SetName, File.SetExt, File.SetDir and File.SetBaseName replace the File.Name, File.Ext, File.Dir and File.BaseName methods called with two parameters.
* BUG: The = and <> operator now work correctly in any case when comparing two strings whose one is null.

Gb.qt Component

* NEW: The Draw.Drawing method now takes four extra optional clipping parameters, like Draw.Image and Draw.Picture.
* BUG: Windows automatic layout works again.

Gb.qt.ext Component

* BUG: The procedure line delimiter is correctly displayed in all cases now.

Gb.form Component

* BUG: Some fixes because of the constructor not being able to raise events anymore.

Gb.form.mdi Component

* NEW: Pressing the Shift key allows to resize MDI child windows freely.

Gb.db Component

* BUG: Drivers functions that test the existence of a user, an index, a field, and so on, now correctly return FALSE if an error occurs.

Gb.v4l Component

* BUG: The component now requires the "linux/videodev2.h" include to compile.
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