Gnuplot terminal window

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Gnuplot terminal window

Beitrag von Seecosmea » So 15. Okt 2017, 18:03

Having following problems:

I'am using gnu_plot 1.3.87 – Gambas 3 module and I would like to get assistance and / or informations on the following:

1) Is it possible to maximize the graph window from the beginning via code.
2) Is it possible to hite the upper task / menu bar (above of the graph) from the beginning via code

Actually I would like to have a window containing the graph and a button for closing the window only.

3) Is it possible to adjsut the labeling of the the x-axis date & time as attached picture in this way that the last 4 days are displayed only. (if less data available than a smaller period and if more data is available then maximum period of 4 days)

I red the Gnuplot 5.2 manual from the beginning up to the end and I did not found solution on above in this way that I could put it to practice...


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